2005-06-05, 6:09 p.m.

Two Week Post Partum Appointment

Thursday was, apparently, my last visit with V-ckii. Well, not technically. I still have another visit but instead of it being at six weeks, it's just whenever I feel like scheduling it for whatever reason. So who knows when that will happen. I wish I'd known that it was kind of the last visit, could have prepared myself somewhat. As it was I was flustered because I'd been running late and then had to stop and get gas. Anyway, we got there only 10 minutes late and K-rsten was there so it was nice to see her and chat for a few minutes while she got her girls ready to go.

As for the appointment, it was all routine. I didn't have any really pressing questions, other than the lack of energy I'm suffering with these days. But she said it's normal and pointed out that last time I only had a newborn to recover with but this time I have a three-year-old to chase and a newborn to recover with. Yeah. Makes sense. LOL We did find out, though, that Elliott weighed only 2 oz short of TEN POUNDS. I can't believe it. I knew he was getting bigger, and I can certainly see some chub forming, but had no clue he was still growing at the pound-a-week rate. Wow!

Anyway. This will pretty much be the last entry here. I'll update whenever I have that last appointment but otherwise my pregnancy is over. *sniff* To keep updated on Elliott and Margie, too, check out the new diary for them.

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